Winter Curb Appeal

With freezing temperatures, salt, sand and everything in between the outside of your home probably doesn’t look as beautiful as it does during the summer months, when flowers are blooming! But just because temperatures have plummeted doesn’t mean the exterior of your house has too, especially if you are trying to attract buyers! Here are a few tips to help your home from feeling the winter blues!

First Impressions

Make a good first impression with a new door, they are worth the investment. You can also paint your existing one or upgrade your handles and add a knocker. When appropriately done, bright or unique coloured doors can make a great focal point and catch the eye of a buyer.

Add Some Green

Don’t underestimate seasonal shrubs like evergreen, they look great in decorative pots on porches.

Clear Away

Make sure all snow and ice on walkways and driveways is taken care of. You don’t want anyone hurting themselves, that will surely leave a buyer with a bad impression! It will also show buyers that your home is well taken care of. 

Ditch the Decorations

After December make sure and get rid of any holiday decorations. If you aren’t ready to say goodbye to a festive decorated home, try decorating with a neutral winter theme instead of a holiday theme.

I hope these quick tips help your spruce up your home for the winter or attract the buyer if you have been trying too!