Wait To Renovate

Renovation season is almost upon us!  Most often when one purchases a house, whether it is considered “move-in condition” or a “fixer-up” the buyers will do some sort of renovation, big or small. Although buying a house is a very exciting time, you may want to spend some time actually living in your new home before you rush to Home Depot to start any major renovation. Here’s why.

Plans and Expectations Change

You may have a picture perfect idea of what you want in your home. However, once you live in it for 6 months to a year, usually what you thought you wanted and what you need can become two separate things. For example, say you were remodeling your bathroom and went for the decorative, visually appealing pedestal sink but then realized you need more bathroom storage and should have went for a sink with a vanity with cupboards underneath. Another good example, spending time renovating one room because you think you will spend all your time in it with friends and family, but once you actually live in your home finding out that maybe you prefer to gather in the den instead of the recreation room. Floors plans can also be laid out better if you have experienced living in a home first, especially for a kitchen! Maybe you wish you put that island in a few feet in the other direction so there is more room to open your new stove and refrigerator.


Ease the Stress

Although Realtors are here to ease your stress when buying a house, it is a life changing event. Take some time to enjoy your new home and get used to everything new around you. It is no secret that buying a home is a big financial commitment. Take some time to experience paying your new bills and mortgage and see how much money you truly have left over for a renovation. This strategy may also help you decide where you want to spend your money first.


Plan Ahead

Any major renovation in your home should take careful planning if you want it done correctly. Even with lots of planning there are usually some upsets along the way and/or problems you encounter. Plan for this as well. Take your time choosing a good contractor and any other professionals you need. This can save money in the long run! Although, it may seem like a hassle to live in a home that is under construction, it is very doable if you take the time to find the best ways to make it work!


Think of your new home like taking a car for a test drive! You wouldn’t purchase a vehicle without taking it for one first!