Spring Ahead Outside!

In last week’s blog I talked about how you can get the interior of your home spring ready. This week’s blog I’ve done the opposite and want to inform you on how you can get the exterior of your home spring ready. If the rain holds off this weekend it will be a great time to get outside and improve your home’s exterior! Thinking of selling? These tips are also extremely helpful if you want to set your house above the competition of others for sale.


Inspect the Roof

Grab a ladder and check out your roof. Winter can wreak havoc on a roof, especially if it is shingled. If any shingles are cracked, buckled or loose it may be time to start a budget for a new one.


Check the Gutters

Loose or leaky gutters can lead to water in the basement. Make sure downspouts drain away from the foundation and are free from debris.


Grab Some Compacted Soil

Spring is a beautiful season, but normally a wet one. Fill any low areas in your yard with soil as yard flooding can also lead to water in your basement as well.



Inspect your concrete foundation for any cracks. When the weather gets a little nicer – power wash, fill in cracks and then seal!


Move Firewood

In winter it is likely you keep firewood close to the house, if you have a woodstove that is. Firewood should always be stored 18 inches off the ground and 2 feet away from any structure.


Check Exterior Equipment

Call a professional heating and cooling contractor and have the central air conditioning unit serviced. This will ensure it is working its most efficient. Also ensure lawn mowers, hedge trimmers etc. are working for the summer.