Small Outdoor Spaces

This weekend is supposed to be a rare rain free one, so why not take this opportunity to talk about enjoying outdoor spaces? Even with the sunny weather ahead sometimes it’s not as simple as just heading to the backyard to lounge around. If you live in a condominium/apartment you probably don’t have a backyard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t transform your balcony into an outdoor oasis.

Every balcony size in every building is different. If you are lucky enough to have a large sized one try adding a hammock and some pillows. You can even add curtains if you need that extra privacy or shade.


Another great idea if your balcony is on the larger side is to add an outdoor sofa. A patterned rug can further enhance the feeling of being in an outdoor room. Depending on space you can also try adding a small table for your coffee cup or some shelving for plants.


If you have a smaller balcony you don’t always need to sacrifice comfy seating. Pinterest has some great ideas to make small seating out of pallets or crates found at craft stores. Add some bright and colourful cushions and pillows and voila! If you want storage space, or better yet a place to store the cushions and pillows out of the not so nice weather, turn a storage chest into seating and throw the cushions/pillows in there when it’s raining!


Is all else fails and your balcony space is just too small to enjoy the outdoors, let the outdoors in! Fill the balcony with decorative planters and all your favourite flowers – then simply open the doors and let the sun shine through!