Showing your Home with Pets

A total of 56% of Canadian households have at least one dog or cat. While that may seem like a lot, it also means that half of Canadian households do not have pets as well. Although we love furry friends around many potential home Buyers may not. When having your home for sale, it’s always a good idea to have pets out of the home, but what can you do with them? Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Romp!
    A showing is the perfect excuse to take your dog for a walk around the neighbourhood, or if you are looking for a new home yourself – perhaps some new neighbourhoods you are curious about living in.
  2. Camp out
    Afraid your cat may get out during a showing? Check out your local options for boarding your cat while your home is shown. Some veterinarians offer this service or usually have recommendations of people that do.
  3. Retail therapy
    Take your dog to cruise the aisles at your favorite pet store. After all, you’re moving to a new neighborhood and may not be visiting there as often.
  4. Hire a dog walker
    If you’re at work and can’t run home to take your dog out, hire a dog walker to take your pup for a stroll.
  5. Daycare
    Purchase a few visits at a doggy daycare. Your pooch will have a blast while prospective buyers are looking at your home.
  6. That’s what friends are for
    While your home’s for sale, your furry friend may be happiest with friends/family.
  7. Don’t you need something at Home Depot?
    More boxes for packing? Paint chips to help you decide what colors to use to personalize your new place? Home depot is dog friendly so you can bring fido along!

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