Tips for Selling Your Home With Pets

If you own a pet chances are it’s one of the family. While pets are great companions they are not usually a help to selling your home. You need potential buyers to be able to see themselves living in your home. Some buyers may not be able to look past the not so cute pet hair, odors or any damage to the home your pet may have caused.  The following is some simple, but invaluable advice on how to sell your home with a pet!

The most important is to remove your pets when there are showings. Keep in mind that not everyone loves animals and buyers may not want the reminder that a pet has lived there. You also want to make sure no one lets your pet outside while you’re not home. There are also liability issues. You never know how your pet will react to a stranger coming in the home, especially if there are younger children. They also can be very distracting to Buyers, especially if they are locked up, as they may bark, yelp or whine.

Keep in mind, that the first impression a potential buyer has of your home is the exterior. Make sure to pick up messes on a regular basis! If you have an animal that likes to dig, fill in any holes before listing your home, especially before being photographed. Also, clean up any debris your pet may have around the yard, if any.

Make sure to remove all stains and odors. Odds are at one time or another your pet had an accident inside your home. You may not notice the smells but a buyer, particularly one that doesn’t have pets, will. If you have particularly large animals or multiple ones you may want to consider getting your carpets and flooring professionally cleaned before listing your home.

Along with removing the pet itself, try to remove as many signs of your pet(s) as possible. Clean up any toys, food, bedding, cages and especially litter boxes! Just remember, if any buyers ask about pets you must answer honestly.
Last but not least, allergies. Many people are highly allergic to an animal’s dander. This would be very distracting and not very enjoyable for someone viewing your home, therefore leaving a bad impression.

There is no doubt that selling your home with a pet requires some extra work and preparation, however it is very possible. Following these steps may not only help you sell your home faster but for a greater purchase price as well!