Remodeling Mistakes

Are you thinking about listing your house come the end of summer? If so, make sure not to fall victim to these 5 common remodeling mistakes…

You Only Get One First Impression – Everyone knows that first impressions are important and you only get one. Landscaping, fencing, paint projects and front doors can all add value to a home but make sure not to go overboard. If you do this may scare off potential buyers.

Curb Appeal

Don’t Over Do It – In relation to number one, you don’t want to get yourself into too many renovations. Renovations such as adding a sun room, making the garage bigger and losing yard space can just end up being trouble. Renovations often cost more than you expect and take longer as well. Make sure to do a renovation right or don’t do it at all. After all, most major renovations can’t be undone.

Sun Room

Lazy with Labour – It might seem like a great and even fun idea to have your friends, family or neighbours come over and help you with your roof or deck, but it may be more costly in the long run. An unprofessional and poorly done job will reveal itself eventually and may even result in a lawsuit from the Buyer. Just remember, if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, try hiring an amateur.


Me, Myself and I – Although, it’s the little personal touches that make a house a home, what you have in mind may not be what potential buyers are looking for. Avoid items in your home that would only be seen as appealing to a small number of people. A real estate agent or professional home stager can help you do this.


Avoid Playing with Colour – Many people like lots of colour. When picking a colour scheme for your house, especially if you are going to sell, it is best to stick with neutral tones that won’t distract buyers. Neutral tones also help with making spaces look larger and brighter, and who doesn’t look for that in a home?

Nuetral Colours