Mudroom Madness!

If you are living in the Leeds and 1000 Islands you are probably experiencing some nice mild weather, for January! You are likely also experiencing the downside to this with salt being tracked through your home and lots of coats and boots at your front door.

With your family’s busy lifestyle; hats, coats, mittens and boots can cause major chaos at the front door! If you are lucky enough to have a mudroom here are some great tips on how to get it organized. Most of these tips can be used for the regular foyer as well. Read on for some simple steps to make your life a little less chaotic!

The below tips are handy for everyone, but especially those trying to sell their homes. There is nothing more unwelcoming than a dirty unorganized entrance way. It will give buyers a bad impression as soon as they walk in the door!

1.       Right at the Front Door

No matter how organized your entry way/mudroom is, it won’t stop you from tracking in unwanted sand and salt. A good quality door mat can reduce some. It is also a great idea to keep a little laundry basket nearby so you can get rid of damp socks and mittens before you walk in and track it into other rooms.

2.       Just a Bench?

It’s a good idea to have a seat/bench when you enter a home. It’s very convenient to have a nice place to sit down and remove your shower after a long day. Ones that double as storage are even more convenient. Remove shoes and put right inside the bench, that way all dirt is contained in one area and best of all, out of sight!

3.       Not Just For One Use

Most people don’t use umbrella stands but they have multiple uses. Try storing some oddly shaped sport apparel in them, like yoga mats or hockey/lacrosse sticks.

4.       Shelf Life

Get creative and install shelves to look like mini closets or lockers. Hang hooks inside for scarfs and hats. Or even install some cube like shelves for shoes and miscellaneous small items.

Winter can wreak havoc outside but it doesn’t have to inside! A little organization is all you need! Hope these tips help make your life a little easier!