Moving with Kids

Let’s be honest, no matter how well you plan and organize moving is not an easy task. It can bring about many feelings such as sadness, excitement and stress. Luckily, before the big day comes there are simple and effective ways you can ease these feelings – not just for yourself but for your children too. Here are some helpful ways to transition your kids to a new home.

Involve Them

There is enough activity that comes with purchasing a home so it may be tempting while you are viewing them to leave the kids at home or with a babysitter/relative. If you don’t want to bring them along make sure and ask them questions about what they would like in a new home; bigger bedroom, play room, larger yard etc. This will make your children feel involved and listened to.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Making a memory book with pictures and little trinkets that will remind them of the good times in the home can help them gain closure. You can also get friends and/or neighbours to sign the book. Make sure they also put their contact information so you can still keep in touch!

Go Out With a Bang

Especially if you are moving far away, schedule a time to have one last get together with local family, friends and neighbours. Have a potluck and share stories that happened in the area when you were there. This would also be a great time to get that memory book you made signed!

Design Aspects

In relation to my first point of advice you will want to involve your children as much as possible. However, this doesn’t stop at finding your new home. If your kids are old enough, once you have found a home and they have picked out their new bedrooms, give them an opportunity to pick out their new furnishings, bedding and paint colours. This will make them feel in control and involved and will add a positive spin on the whole moving process.

Moving away from a familiar place can be hard on anyone but these tips are sure to make the move a little more enjoyable!