In a previous blog post I talked about Millennials characteristics when it comes to the real estate market. One of the biggest things they are looking for is a “smart” home with up to date technology. But what exactly makes a home smart, and what technology is out there to accomplish this?

Smart Thermostats
Although this option may seem expensive at first, it is perhaps one of the most cost effective strategies in a smart home. After all, your thermostat can control almost half your energy bill. One of the most popular smart thermostats on the market now is called Nest. It can run your home temperature settings all by itself. It will learn what time you get up, what time your home from work and can sense presence in your home and will adjust accordingly. According to Nest manufacturing and studies conducted you could save 30% off your energy bill.


Lighting and Sensors
How many times have you had to remind your children to turn off the lights when they’re not in a room? It probably doesn’t seem like much on a weekly basis but can add up to hundreds of dollars over the year. To save money you can easily install a sensor plug which fits into the old outlet. This is a great option for smaller rooms that aren’t used as frequently. If you really want to save those extra dollars, home automation systems are available which you can control the lights from your phone.

We’ve all heard it before. You must upgrade your appliances quite frequently if you want to save money, but is there a better way? There is the smart grid. We are being charged higher rates for using such appliances at certain times. Your phone and appliances can communicate with the smart grid and your appliances will know the optimal times to operate.


Not only is wasting water bad for your utility bills but it is also bad for the environment as well (something else Millennials care greatly about). However you can purchase  an automatic irrigation system. With Cyber Rain you can have your sprinkler system only run when rain is not expected in your area. You can also monitor water usage all from your computer.