Fido Friendly Homes

If you are in the process of buying a home everyone will have their different opinions on what you should look for. But what about those who can’t speak? Just how can you tell if your four-legged family members will like their new home.

  1. Perhaps the most obvious one is go for a home with a yard! You may want to make sure it’s fenced in as well. If it’s not fenced, make sure the city by-laws allow this before you make a decision.
  2. If you just can’t seem to find a home with a proper yard in your price range think outside the box. Maybe there are walking trails, parks and other open space fido would love.
  3. Take a walk or drive around the neighbourhood and look for any sign that other people have dogs as well. Not everyone loves dogs as much as the other, so it’s always nice to have a neighbour that shares that the love with you.
  4. Dogs can be messy – especially in the upcoming spring months! You may want to think storage. Is there a place for leashes, bowls, toys, etc. A mudroom is also a bonus for a spot to clean those muddy paws before they enter the whole house!
  5. On the same note, a home without carpet is best for animal lovers! Easy to clean and maintain hardwood, ceramic or laminate floors are the way to go!
  6. Some area homes come with doggy doors that lead to a fenced in area. This is a great idea for the home owner that isn’t always at home.

Do you have pet friendly priorities when searching for a home? I can help you find a home that pleases the whole family – even the four legged members!