Why would I choose a Full Service Brokerage instead of a Discount Brokerage or For Sale By Owner?

A full service brokerage such as Re/max Hometown Realty Inc. offers an extremely high level of expertise, professionalism and service. Do not make the mistake of believing that the only thing discounted is the rate. You always get what you pay for and the money in your pocket at the end of the transaction will reflect that.

Why would I choose you instead of another individual agent?

I offer the highest level of expertise and service to my clients. I pride myself on providing excellent communication and feedback from showings. The top transacting Realtor in the Rideau St. Lawrence Board in 2009 and 2010 and in the top 5% or better transacting Realtors every year since.

What percentage of your listings in the last year expired unsold?

Of 49 listings in 2018, 0 expired, unsold. The expiry rate for the Rideau St. Lawrence Board in 2018 was 30%.

What is your list to sale price ratio?

99.08% with many of my listings selling for full price or more than full price. The Board average is 96%, which means that many individual realtor’s average is significantly less. This more than covers the difference in a discount commission rate with money in your pocket.

Why shouldn’t I try a higher price first, I can always go down later?

Overpricing your home is a huge mistake. When your property goes to market all of the buyers in the market place will view it either online or in person. If the house is overpriced they will disregard the property and are unlikely to revisit it after a subsequent price adjustment. Once you have lost the existing buyers in the market you will have to wait for new buyers to enter the market place before you will see any more activity. This often leads to a lower final sale price as the property sits on the market unsold.

“I don’t want to give my house away”

You will never be “giving your house away” when you get fair market value for it, which is determined by what a buyer is prepared to pay and what a seller is prepared to accept. Buyers make market value determination based on previous sales data. Intelligent, well informed sellers use the same data when pricing their home. When a home is priced properly then a buyer will recognize the value and be prepared to pay for it.

Is your commission negotiable?


Do you have a buyer for my house right now?

Regardless of whether I have a buyer for your house right now, I will not bring my buyer through until your property goes to the open market. It is my job to ensure that you get the best possible price for your property in the least amount of time and with the least stress. If I were to bring a buyer through before every other Realtor had the opportunity to introduce their buyers to the property you would be disadvantaged and the buyer would have the advantage of not having to compete for your property on the open market.

Why would I want an individual agent as opposed to a “team?”

When we work together the “buck stops here.” I am solely responsible for everything to do with your listing or buying experience, you will communicate directly with me for appointments, feedback and negotiations.

What are your strengths?

Market knowledge, communication, professionalism and straight talk – no sugar coating.

How accessible are you?

Cell/email 24 hours a day (except when I am sleeping, of course)