Fall Market Busted!

Spring and summer are always a great time to sell or buy a house. The sun is out longer, lawns are green and flowers are blooming. And then there is fall, full of the smell of fresh fallen leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and big comfy sweaters. However as great as fall appeals to all the senses, for some reason the cooler months give new buyers and home sellers negative thoughts about the current real estate market and they are unsure how to navigate. Here are some of the thoughts associated with the fall real estate market and why you could be wrong about some of them.

  • Leaves Are Falling, Flowers Aren’t Blooming, Why Bother With Curb Appeal?

Although you may not be weeding gardens or mowing your lawn, as often you still want to make sure the exterior of your home is getting the attention it deserves. Get rid of debris from walkways, clean gutters and trim trees to avoid fallen branches on your lawn. Check out my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/thehouse4u) or twitter @sharonjordan66 for tips on how to get your home ready for the fall.


  • People Spend More Time Indoors So I’ll Focus My Efforts There

In relation to number one, although it’s colder people are still spending quite a bit of time outdoors. Some people prefer the cooler months to the summer heat and humidity. Try adding some seasonal fall decor to your porch or patio to attract these type of buyers.


  • Colder Weather Means Darker Colours

This may be true for your wardrobe but it doesn’t have to be for the inside of your home. Try giving rooms a fresh coat of paint with warm shades of red, orange or beige. Pinterest is a great spot for unique fall colour ideas. If you don’t want to go as far as painting, try adding some fun fall pillows and throws to gathering areas or bedrooms.


  • The Price Doesn’t Have to Be Exactly Right

This is wrong to assume not only in the fall but every season. Listing your home too high can actually result in a lower selling price. Most Buyers and agents may not even look at homes that are priced above market value. You can always lower the price of your home but that can have its negatives too. Most buyers are weary of homes that have been on the market a long time.

Now that you have a better understanding of some of the negative aspects about the fall market, and hopefully have a different view of them, you can get back to enjoying the rest of summer! And make sure your home is fall ready before you add some red, white and blue to your lawn.