Downsizing Hints

There are many instances in one’s life such as children moving away, or too much maintenance – just to name a few, that may have you considering if you should downsize or not. Depending on your circumstances this might not be an easy decision to make. Here are some points to consider and helpful hints regarding some of the hurdles you may face that will surely make your decision an easier one!

Think Independently Selling a home, especially a family home is usually an emotional event in one’s life. Children may find it hard giving up your family home and try to advise you others wise. Consult a Realtor for unbiased advice on whether you should downsize.

Home Maintenance  One of the main things people considering when downsizing is the maintenance their home needs. Consider how long it takes to mow your lawn, remove snow and clean. Is this becoming too much or do you still want to take care of your home for a few more years? Usually it’s best to make the downsizing move before your home maintenance becomes too much or a burden, because by then selling your home will be more physically challenging.

Lifestyle and Community –  If your size of home is changing due to downsizing, your lifestyle and community you live in, probably will as well. Be prepared for change and that moving into a community with smaller homes or even a condominium may move you away from certain support systems as well. Moving always comes with some gains and some losses.

Extra Rooms – If you have empty bedroom(s) or an empty finished basement, think about other ways the room could be utilized. If you are not willing to take the time to convert a room for another use, a smaller home is likely best for you!

Talk to Others Although I mentioned before it’s best to talk to a Realtor for unbiased advice, it may also be helpful to talk to your family members about some aspects. Staying in your home may require you to depend on others to help with the maintenance, such as mowing the lawn or attending to gardens. If this is the case it’s important to know if family members are on your side and willing to give a helping hand.

Hopefully these hints help in the decision making process. Just remember, that you always have time to decide. You already have a house to live in so you don’t need to decide right away. When you feel the time is right, try sitting down with a Realtor and putting together a list of criteria of your cozier home!