Don’t Forget This Room

The Spring market is just around the corner and if you are thinking of selling you are also probably thinking about what to update (if anything) and what to organize in your home to help it sell faster. Although, kitchens and bathrooms are almost always the most important among home buyers, also be aware that the majority of home buyers are now Millennials. Many research and polls done are now suggesting that perhaps the laundry room is the most important feature in a home for these first time home buyers. But just how can you arrange your laundry room so it attracts home buyers? Here’s a few great and simple ideas to transform your space!

Custom Cabinetry

Design cabinetry to suite your needs and to help keep everything neat and organized



Light Fixtures

Add bold light fixtures to give your space an extra pop/wow factor.



Don’t Forget to Decorate the Walls

There are lots of decorative art tailored just to laundry rooms in stores and online.

Wall Decor

Conceal.. Yes, The Laundry

Try getting creative with laundry baskets to try and hide any dirty laundry. After all, it is a never ending job!

Laundry Post

Decorative Drying Racks

Use an ordinary rod or get creative! Repurposed ladders work great!


Keep Pet Accessories Out of Site

I especially like this one. If you are trying to sell it is best to keep pet accessories out of sight.

Keeping them in the laundry room won’t throw off buyers as much as seeing these kind of things in the

eating/gathering area.It also makes your laundry room multifunctional!