With the warmer weather almost upon us, if you are thinking of putting your home up for sale, it is time to think curb appeal. The exterior of your home is the first impression buyers get so you want to make it a good one. Over the next few weeks I will be talking about some of the most popular do’s and do not’s in order to make a great, lasting impression for perspective home buyers.

Don’t – Choose an Intense Colour for the Exterior

You may think this will make your home stand out from others, which is true, but usually not in the way you hope. Look at the exterior of your neighbors homes and make sure it fits the general style.

Do – Add a “Splash” of Colour

There are lots of other ways you can add a pop of colour to your home, like planters, bright address numbers or front porch décor (chairs, pillows) if you have the space. This will catch the buyers eye without being too overbearing.

curb appeal

Don’t – Go Overboard on Landscaping

Landscaping can create great curb appeal if done properly. A general rule of thumb is before you plant something think about how it is going to look in 5, 10 or even 20 years. Plant trees away from pavement and make sure they have room to grow. If you are planting flowers and other plants keep a good ratio of lawn/patio and flowers. A backyard full of just flowers can look like a lot of maintenance and be overwhelming for your yard and potential home buyers.

Do – Keep Your Lawn Looking Manicured and Fresh

Make sure you are keeping your lawn mowed and your bushes pruned on a regular basis. Plant some colourful flowers/plants. Add some mulch to add a rich feeling to your homes exterior.

Don’t – Be Afraid to Talk to Your Neighbours

It’s not just your home that affects buyers impressions it’s the whole neighbourhood. If you are thinking of putting your home up for sale and have a neighbour with a particularly messy yard, don’t be afraid to ask them to keep their lawn mowed or clean up the debris around their yard. You can even offer to help!


Do- Pay Attention from the Ground Up

Creating great curb appeal doesn’t just stop at your feet. You probably don’t realize how much potential home buyers notice a roof. In fact, this is one of the first things buyers notice. If your roof needs a little facelift call a professional to clean it. If other houses on your block have newer roofs, consider replacing yours before putting a for sale sign on it. After all, you will probably have to pay for the roof eventually, in one way or another, because it will most likely create a lower appraisal value.