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Costly Closing Mistakes

Your offer has been accepted, the building inspection passed with flying colours, now you’re on the road to the closing date! Although you have more breathing room now, the deals not done until all documents have been signed on closing. Here are some things NOT to do before that day. Debt to Income Ratio The ratio of your monthly income to your monthly debts is one of the main factors the lender considered when qualifying you. It can be tempting but don’t take out any loans for renovations you want to do on your future home. Also, don’t be tempted
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Short-Term Rentals

Today, renting a room in your house (or the entire house) via an online service, such as Airbnb, to unknown travelers is becoming quite common. Short-term rentals provide extra income for homeowners and a unique way for visitors to experience a city.   If you think you’re up to being a host of a short-term rental, here are three things to keep in mind.   Legality The rise in popularity of Airbnb and other sites hasn’t been without its controversy. There are concerns that short-term rentals don’t have to pass the same certifications and inspections of regular hotels. Some cities
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