Buyer’s Remorse

If you are a new buyer you may not have heard of the term buyer’s remorse, which is defined as the sense of regret after having made a purchase. It is frequently associated with the purchase of an expensive item such as a car, console or house.

This is very common especially with first time home buyers. If you have bought a house or are thinking of buying one in the future, read on for ways you can conquer Buyer’s Remorse!

  1. Control – Not only in home buying, but many philosophers believe that to live a more content life you should only attempt to control the aspects of life you have the ability to control. With this being said, the home buying process can seem stressful, but is a reality most will face at least once in their lifetime. Try to make the best of it and only worry about the things you have control over. Try to remind yourself of all the positive reasons you bought the home. After all, home buying should not be a split second decision.
  2. One Thing at a Time – Now that you’ve made such a major purchase, it is common to worry about things like losing your job and not being able to make your mortgage payment for one reason or another. Or are there lots of improvements to do and you’re worried you won’t have the money to complete them? Try making a list of all your concerns regarding your new home and cross them off as you complete them. Seeing the process of all that you’ve accomplished should make you feel like a proud home owner!
  3. Explore – If you have already moved in and are experiencing Buyer’s remorse, take a walk around the entire home. Find your favorite space in the house and spend some time relaxing and enjoying it. Do some relaxing activities in this space like enjoying your morning coffee or read. Anytime you feel anxious about your home come back to this space. Before you know it you will be wondering how you could have ever worried about your wonderful home.
  4. Throw a Party – This is a fantastic milestone in your life, so why not celebrate! Have a BBQ, potluck or just a few friends and family members over to hang out in your new space! Remember enthusiasm is contagious. All your friends, family and loved ones will be excited for you. Some of those joyful feelings are sure to rub off on you!

If you are reading this and have ever experienced Buyer’s remorse, feel free to leave your story in the comments section on social media and let us know how you overcame it!