Back to School Home Organization

For many parents, the first day of school for their children is around the corner. This can be a very exciting time but with it comes the stress of supplies, school lunches, paperwork etc. Google is loaded with lots of ideas for keeping organized during the school year. However, too much information can be overwhelming so here is a list of my four favourite simple yet effective ideas.


  1. Make a Separate Email Account

Just as your house may feel cluttered and disorganized around back to school time so can your email. Notes, schedules and permission slips are most likely sent to you via email instead of in their backpacks. Your email is also probably clogged with newsletters, sale announcements, coupons etc. To conquer this technological clutter make a school only email. Use it only for emails from teachers, principals, tutors etc.


  1. Construct a “Command Centre”

Can’t find a pen to write something down, can’t find your car keys and the kids are going to be late for school? No problem. A command centre can solve all this morning hassle. Pick a popular spot in the house like the foyer or mudroom and on a table place things you are always shuffling around for in the morning. Also, you can post a white board with a shopping list and/or things you need to do/pick-up.


  1. Mix and Match

Sometimes it can be a challenge thinking of fun meals for your kids. Make a list of combos for your refrigerator under categories such as, main course, fruit or veggies, drinks, and a treat or snack.


  1. Set an Alarm

Alarm clocks aren’t just for waking up in the morning. One of the biggest challenges parents face when it comes to back to school is getting their kids to the bus on time. Set an alarm to go off 10-15 minutes before the bus comes so the kids know they need to hustle!