5 Things Not to Dwell On

Still trying to find the home of your dreams before the winter weather arrives, or just searching for a home in general? Try to look past these 5 aspects a home may have that many buyers will dwell on, but shouldn’t.

  1. Paint Colours – Paint colours are something that many buyers will dwell on but can be so easily changed! Try to see those unattractive paint colours as an opportunity to personalize your home by re-paining, or instead of concentrating on colours, look at the architectural features of the home instead.


  1. Furniture – Even though most of the time the furniture isn’t even included with the house, buyers will sometimes find it hard to visualize themselves in a home if they can’t look past the furniture, especially if they don’t like it. Instead of concentrating on the furniture, pay attention to the size and layouts of the room and how your furniture will fit into it.


  1. Window Treatments – Window treatments are an item that may stay with the home, but like paint colours are so easy to swap. Look past the window treatments to the actual windows and how much light they allow in the home.


  1. Light Fixtures – Light fixtures are another item that will probably come with the house. Again, swapping out light fixtures is a fairly simply DIY task and you can even paint/customize the existing one to make them fit your style. Instead of paying attention to the actual light fixtures concentrate on where the lights are and how many.


  1. Fencing – Most people who have animals or kids will prefer a fenced in yard, especially if they are buying within city limits with limited outdoor privacy. However, if this is a feature missing from a home, don’t write it off completely. Fences are relatively easy and inexpensive to install yourself. Focus on the size of the yard and how level it is, rather than something that can be so easily remedied.