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Property Ownership 101: Investment Property Ownership

While investing in real estate is very lucrative, any novice investor is destined to face some pitfalls along the way. Rental properties can provide investors with the constant cash flow that they need to succeed as a distinguished investor. However, without the proper guidance and know-how, aspiring investors can make several mistakes that may cause some serious headaches. You might be experienced in purchasing homes but becoming an investor in rental property involves different nuances compared to becoming an experienced home buyer. When starting out as a novice property investor, any advice can help you make a well-informed decision for
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These Environmental Upgrades Could Save Money… and the World!

With all this talk of climate change, it’s easy to forget that it’s more than just a catchy phrase. The earth’s temperatures have reached a historic high, and natural habitats, resources and wildlife are experiencing a rapid decline. In honour of World Environment Day, here are some environmental upgrades that home-owners and prospective buyers can prioritize when purchasing and renovating, to help create a more sustainable future! What Role does Real Estate Play in Global Warming? In Canada, heating and electricity make up 45 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions. On top of that, studies show that cement alone is the source
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