2018 Cottage Trends

As 2018 cottage and cabin season is quickly approaching, it’s time to turn our heads toward what recreational property trends buyers and renters want this summer. With this list of must-haves, you’ll be armed with the knowledge of what vacationers want and why.


The idea of sun-powered houses becoming mainstream is no longer such a far off fantasy. More and more people are jumping on the solar-powered recreational property trend. The cost may seem high upfront but will pay off in the long run.

Outside Dining

The ability to cook meals outside is a massive bonus for a recreational property, especially for cooking the ever popular, wood fired pizza. Something about bringing flavours outdoors makes cottage living that more enjoyable!


In cottage season the sun stays out longer and it’s all about keeping that light going for as long as possible. One of 2018’s most popular recreational property trends is having a good system for outdoor lighting.

Espresso Bar

While you may think a cocktail bar will draw potential buyers and renters in, the most popular drink of the day is now in the morning! Having a place to gather for morning coffee and power up for the busy day ahead on the water or lounging, is sure to attract people to your special vacation spot. You can also set up hot chocolate and all the fixings, for the kids on the cooler nights by the fire.

Pop of Colour

Sleek dark modern kitchens may be popular in your home in the city but what better way to bring the outdoors in, by adding some bright greens and blues to the table?